Monday, February 5, 2007

My Happenings Today

I started my new job at Country Cupboard last Wednesday. ( Friday the founder Daniel Baylor
( ) passed away Friday :( I never got to meet this wonderful man. Today was his funeral. What a celebration of this wonderful man's life! He done so much in his long life. There was singing, a wonderful eulogy from his daughter Carole and granddaughter Nici. I got such an urge to go after my dreams. His saying was "where there is an idea, the money will flow"

The service was wonderful. I have found my two favorite hymns. On Eagle's Wings and Blessed Assurance. They are so beautiful.

I went to the restaurant for the food and gathering after. I volunteered to help clean up and such. The stories I heard about Dan. Wow! I sure feel bad for never having a chance to meet him :(

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Getting closer

Well today we got my mom's apartment primered. Audrey's room is primered all but a corner that needs some putty work. We have our bathroom, my mom's bathroom and her bedroom left to mud, sand and primer. We have my mom's ceiling, diningroom ceiling, hallway ceiling and Audrey's ceiling.

I am so excited! We are getting closer :)


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