Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday October 13, 2008...
Outside My Window...the stars are hiding behind what is left of the snowstorm that is now hitting Canada.
I am thinking...about decorating for the holidays
I am thankful for...wonderful husband and children (and mommy) My husband is so wonderful and as I hear of more marriage problems from friends I truly am lucky to have such a wonderful man
From the kitchen...I hear sounds of the kittens playing
I am wearing...jeans, t-shirt and bare feet
I am creating...a website to sell my books, canning jars and wooly creations
I am take some cold meds and head to bed shortly
I am reading...Women of Faith Devotional Bible
I am cold lets up enough to get the chores done in the morning
I am hearing...the dryer running
Around the house...I see many toys from the kids adventures this evening.
One of my favorite recycling sweaters and helping earn money from my ventures online
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: going to the thrift store, vacuuming the house, and getting the dining room decluttered to get out the holiday decorations
Here is picture thought I am sharing..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check Out my Cafemom Group!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Blog I Have Created

I have created a blog for Alli...

I will be letting her friends send condolences and such and will post for them.

Count Your Blessings Monday

This weekend has been a difficult one. A dear friend of mine Tina is staying with me till she and her daughter, Chelsea, can find a place. Her daughters best friend, Allison Guinter, went onto heaven Friday afternoon from leukemia. We have been calling all weekend to places to try to put a fundraiser together. I have got some awesome responses so far. Will keep you all updated. Keep an eye on they are going to be doing a feature on Allison the front page of their site which will be going national. They then will contact our newspaper, radio and tv stations. She was only 12 when her Lord called her home. She has been suffering since May of this year with it. So hard to be a 12 year old little girl and so sick. She was so upset by all of it. Couldn't go swimming, skating, or hanging out with her friends this summer.

So I will be counting our blessings of our good health. My mom's check-ups have been unremarkable. The kids (knock on wood) haven't had any colds yet this school year.

I am asking for prayers though for the family of Allison. She was so young and so innocent. Prayers for the money they need to pay all the impending bills. Including medical, travel, and funeral costs. They had life insurance on Alli but the minute the insurance company found out about her illness they dropped her. :( What a sad, sad country we live in.

Chelsea on the left and Allison on the right....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thinking of my Daddy~

My daddy and I at my wedding (July 20, 1997)

My brother Jimmy, my Grammy Lee and I. We are at my Grammy and Pappy Erb's apartment.

Me on a Saturday night at my Grammy and Pappy Erb's (my mom's parents) c. 1983

Me at my Grammy Lee's (c. 1982)

My daddy, my Grammy Lee, and Me (July 20, 1997) my wedding day

My mom's face, my Grammy Erb, my Grammy Lee, my Pappy Lee's forehead and glasses (c. Dec. 1981)

This is a newspaper pic from when I wrote into the editor about the insurance issues and my dad not having any insurance and being so sick. He passed away one week after this picture was taken :(

My Daddy and I on my 5th birthday (c. August 1979)

My parents (July 20, 1997) at my wedding

My family at my Grammy Lee's (c. 1979)

My parents Valentine's Day. This was my daddy's last supper :*(

The waitress took our picture. This was Valentine's Day 2006. We were given dinner for 4 to a little restaurant in town. The next afternoon my daddy went to heaven....

My daddy waaaayyyyy back when

My Daddy and Chelsea Winter 2000

My daddy holding Jimmy, my cousin Audrey and me (c. 12/77)

I have been thinking alot about my younger years. How much everything has changed. I lost my dad almost 3 years ago now. I miss him more than anyone I have lost in my life. He's the one that taught me everything. I would tell him everything. I still have the moments now I say wow I need to call my dad.

Yes, I live with my mom. My dad is who I was the closest. My mom I don't know when I talk to her it's like yea she hears me but doesn't listen. My brother is closest to her. My children even see that.

I learned to cook from my dad. He took me everywhere with him. I would spend all weekend with him.

Moreso I miss the time period. Friday nights we would go to my great aunts house. Spend time with them and all my cousins. That stopped when my cousin was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 1987 when he was only 15 years old. Saturday nights we went to my grandparents. They were and always will be my favorites. Sundays my dad went to the fleamarket. It was a Sunday ritual up till we lost him. A lot of my memories are of him at the fleamarket buying books and any good bargains he could find. And Sunday nights we went to his mom's house. She would make supper. Mmmmm, I do miss her too.

All the wonderful memories growing up. I would not change them for the world. I hear of awful things that happen to others in their childhoods. I was so blind from all of it. I hear of all sorts of abuse. My parent's stayed married for 32 years till his untimely death. I thank them everyday for that. I learned from just that. My hubby was raised by his grandparents and they were married for a very long time also. So he only knows that. We have a wonderful life because of the way we were brought up.

Thank you God for the life you have given me. Please take care of my loved ones till I get there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday October 13, 2008...
Outside My Window...the sun is setting in the west as my children play fall festival :)
I am thinking...of ways to make life more meaningful for my family. Making life easier and teaching the children simple living and being frugal and to live off the land
I am thankful for...wonderful husband and children (and mommy) My husband is so wonderful and as I hear of more marriage problems from friends I truly am lucky to have such a wonderful man
From the kitchen...I hear sounds of the children laughing and doing crafts with my mommy :)
I am wearing...jeans, t-shirt and bare feet
I am creating...a website to sell my books, canning jars and wooly creations
I am go for my walk as I am trying to get back into shape
I am reading...Joyce Meyers Help Me I am Married
I am get the backyard cleaned up and the mudroom decluttered for the season
I am hearing...the children laughing
Around the house...I see trains and blocks from my 3 years old adventures today
One of my favorite playing with my kids and quiet time with my hubby
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: cleaning the backyard, decluttering the mudroom, grocery shopping, paying bills
Here is picture thought I am sharing..


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silent Sunday

Saturday at Ard's Farm for the fall festival...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Word to the Country

“I want to talk to you right now about a fundamental threat to American democracy.
The threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways. It is a crisis of confidence.
It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will.
We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and
in the loss of a unity of purpose for our Nation.

The confidence that we have always had as a people is not simply some romantic dream or a proverb in a dusty book that we read just on the Fourth of July. It is the idea which founded our Nation and has guided our development as a people. Confidence in the future has supported everything else -- public institutions and private enterprise, our own families, and the very Constitution of the United States. Confidence has defined our course and has served as a link between generations. We've always believed in something called progress. We've always had a faith that the days of our children would be better than our own.

In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities, and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. But we've discovered that owning things and consuming things does not satisfy our longing for meaning. We've learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no confidence or purpose.

The symptoms of this crisis of the American spirit are all around us. For the first time in the history of our country a majority of our people believe that the next 5 years will be worse than the past 5 years. Two-thirds of our people do not even vote. The productivity of American workers is actually dropping, and the willingness of Americans to save for the future has fallen below that of all other people in the Western world.

As you know, there is a growing disrespect for government and for churches and for schools, the news media, and other institutions. This is not a message of happiness or reassurance, but it is the truth and it is a warning.

Looking for a way out of this crisis, our people have turned to the Federal Government and found it isolated from the mainstream of our Nation's life. Washington, D.C., has become an island. The gap between our citizens and our Government has never been so wide. The people are looking for honest answers, not easy answers; clear leadership, not false claims and evasiveness and politics as usual.

We are at a turning point in our history. There are two paths to choose. One is a path I've warned about tonight, the path that leads to fragmentation and self-interest. Down that road lies a mistaken idea of freedom, the right to grasp for ourselves some advantage over others. That path would be one of constant conflict between narrow interests ending in chaos and immobility. It is a certain route to failure.

All the traditions of our past, all the lessons of our heritage, all the promises of our future point to another path, the path of common purpose and the restoration of American values. That path leads to true freedom for our Nation and ourselves. We can take the first steps down that path as we begin to solve our energy problem.

Energy will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this Nation, and it can also be the standard around which we rally. On the battlefield of energy we can win for our Nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny.

The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our Nation. These are facts and we simply must face them.

To give us energy security, I am asking for the most massive peacetime commitment of funds and resources in our Nation's history to develop America's own alternative sources of fuel -- from coal, from oil shale, from plant products for gasohol, from unconventional gas, from the Sun.

These efforts will cost money, a lot of money, and that is why Congress must enact the windfall profits tax without delay. It will be money well spent. Unlike the billions of dollars that we ship to foreign countries to pay for foreign oil, these funds will be paid by Americans to Americans. These funds will go to fight, not to increase, inflation and unemployment.

I'm proposing a bold conservation program to involve every State, county, and city and every average American in our energy battle. This effort will permit you to build conservation into your homes and your lives at a cost you can afford.

Our Nation must be fair to the poorest among us, so we will increase aid to needy Americans to cope with rising energy prices. We often think of conservation only in terms of sacrifice. In fact, it is the most painless and immediate way of rebuilding our Nation's strength. Every gallon of oil each one of us saves is a new form of production. It gives us more freedom, more confidence, that much more control over our own lives.

So, the solution of our energy crisis can also help us to conquer the crisis of the spirit in our country. It can rekindle our sense of unity, our confidence in the future, and give our Nation and all of us individually a new sense of purpose.

We can manage the short-term shortages more effectively and we will, but there are no short-term solutions to our long-range problems. There is simply no way to avoid sacrifice.
Little by little we can and we must rebuild our confidence. We can spend until we empty our treasuries, and we may summon all the wonders of science. But we can succeed only if we tap our greatest resources -- America's people, America's values, and America's confidence.”

The Malaise Speech (to read entire speech)
President Jimmy Carter

America laughed at President Carter over this speech.


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