Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal and Private Digital Photography Lesson

I am participating in a photo enhancement contest....Prize is his photo tips and tricks!!  Woohoo!!  I love learning

I recently took a trip to Colorado and posted a bunch of photos on our family blog. I had lots of people wanting to know the techniques I used to put some “wow” into the photography. Check out the photos here…

So, let’s have some fun. I’ll reward those who participate by letting you in on some private tips, tricks and secrets on how to put some dazzle into your shots. Here’s the deal:

Download this original landscape photo I took by clicking here…

Do your own version of improving, enhancing and otherwise putting “wow” into this image

Put up a post on your blog displaying your enhanced photo, and explaining what you did

Come back to this post, and enter your photo and blog post on the Thumbnail Linky below (I’ve put in the first link just to show you how the Thumbnail linky works)

Then, I’ll do a private online demonstration of what I do to get my outdoor photography to come alive, and send a link to every person who participated by following these instructions and entered the Thumbnail Linky list.

On Friday of this week, I’ll do a very informative demonstration and teach you not only how to do the photo enhancements, but how to LOOK AT photos and “see” what kind of improvements are needed.

Here’s the photo we’ll all be working on:

My version:

I played with the color temperature, saturation, tint, brightness and so on.  I had a lot of fun as our mountains gorgeous but love seeing other mountains.  I live in the White Deer Mountain area and it is lined with pine and maple trees.... :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Writer's Block and Junk

I absolutely looooove being a grammy.  But hate that Audrey and Alyssa live 5 hours away.  I miss them more everyday.  They were here to visit this weekend.  Three days was not enough.  It flew right by.  Took 200+ photos this weekend.  Well of course, it's my passion.  And I had some beautiful models. 

I still pray daily for them to move back to PA or at least way closer.  Some things happened that made me upset but I won't get into that.  I just need to talk to a few people about the happenings. 

We had a family picnic Saturday.  Alyssa met some of my family.  My cousin and his family are up from Texas for 2 weeks.  So we all had a great time!  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  It's so nice to get together with them other than weddings and funerals. 

It's been so hard to keep up with writing and knowing what to write.  I want to write daily but wow to know what to write.  I can post tons of photos but I know photos do not get as many hits as writing does.  So here are some of the photos from this weekend.
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