Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some of my creations on Angel Bottom's Boutique

These are many examples of what I can and will make. If you want something that is pictured here, please email me. I will give you a price quote and will need your zip code for a quote on shipping. My website is down right now for maintenance but will be up and running pretty quickly.

Easy Pleasy Pumpkin Cheesy
AIO cloth diaper

Teddy Bear Set-fleece diaper cover, cloth diaper,
microfleece insert, cloth baby wipes/wash clothes, legg warmers
Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Wool Holiday Stockings
Baby Wipe Box

Wool diaper cover/leggings
Wool Diaper Cover/Leggings

Wool Leggings can use with cloth diapers

Baby Leggings

Christmas AIO-All in One cloth diaper
Baby Leggings

Malden Mills AIO cloth diaper
Leggings for babies
Leggings for Babies
Knitted bag
knitted leg warmers
knitted leg warmers
Spinning Wheel

Diaper Cake

Burp Clothes
Cloth Diaper Keychain

Cloth Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Basket of Nursing Necklaces
Green and White Finger Nursing Necklace
Cloth Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Rainbow Nursing Necklace

Win Everything in Susan Godfrey's Shoppe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arts and Crafts Idea: Foam Sheet Glasses Case

Are you a camp director, teacher, or homeschool mom looking for a new arts and crafts idea for your kids? Or maybe you are a recreation director at a senior center or nursing home and could use a new project. Either way, this arts and crafts idea will be interesting and fun for all. This glass case can be used, given as a gift, or converted into a necklace purse.

To make the glasses case, you will need the following simple materials: a square of craft foam, plastic or large blunt needles, lanyard lace or thick yarn. Cut two rectangles from the foam, each 3-1/2 inches (9 cm.) by 6 inches (15 cm.). With a hole punch, make holes on three sides of each rectangle, leaving one short side unpunched. Make the holes 1/2 inch apart and allow at least 1/4 inch between the hole and the edge of the craft foam. The holes need to line up so that the two pieces can be laced together. If you are preparing the craft for small children, you should make the holes yourself. Otherwise, the crafters can do this step if you have enough pairs of hole punches.

At this point the crafters can cut decorative shapes from other colors of craft foam, or you can buy sets of ready-cut foam shapes. If you are doing the craft at a special event, like vacation Bible school, choose shapes that echo the theme of the event. For instance, if the Bible school or camp has a cowboy theme, find shapes that fit well, such as boots, cowboy hats, and stars. Let the kids choose the shapes they like and glue on as desired. You might also like to provide beads or sequins to glue on as well, especially if the crafters are a little older.

The next step in this arts and crafts idea is to thread the plastic needle with the yarn or lanyard lace. Yarn might be a little easier to handle, but lanyard lace is shiny and attractive. In a pinch, some teachers of small children use a bobby pin as a needle. It is certainly a safe alternative. Simply loop the yarn through the opening and use the open end of the bobby pin as if it were the point of the needle. The children can now begin to lace the front and back of the glasses case together.

To turn this arts and crafts idea into a necklace purse, simply attach a piece of lanyard lace to each corner making a long handle. Kids will enjoy using this case as a place to store secret notes and small objects. If they'd rather, they can give the glasses case to a parent, grandparent, or friend who wears glasses. Either way, this arts and crafts idea will be interesting for all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Giveaway – The Hidden Art of Homemaking

Giveaway on for the book The Hidden Art of Homemaking. You can get up to 3 entries. Check it out!

Hot Weather Fun: Summer Crafts for Kids

When boredom looms and the weather's hot, get everyone involved in summer crafts for kids. Kids are always excited to be free from the school routine when they are let out for summer break, but it isn't long until they start wondering what to do. Summer crafts for kids will keep them occupied and maybe even teach them a thing or two.

In summer, crafts for kids can involve found objects, like seed pods, grasses, and similar objects. Let kids create nature collection collages by gluing these items to a stiff piece of cardboard. Help them spray paint some of the findings with silver or gold paint. Alternatively, they might like to glue glitter to some of the findings. Perhaps they would also enjoy collecting wild flower seed heads and creating dried flower arrangements. Arrange the bouquet in a homemade vase.

A vase for summer bouquets, fresh or dried, is another craft that naturally fits into the summer crafts for kids category. A simple vase can be made from a tin can. Soup cans work particularly well because they are smooth on the outside and rather narrow. Be sure to file off any sharp spurs on the inside opening. Start the work of art by cutting a piece of construction paper or other colored paper to fit around the sides of the can. This will be glued to the outside of the can, but first it needs to be decorated.

The vase cover can be decorated in many ways. The child can draw a summer scene on the paper and then decorate it with glued on glitter or small stickers of summer things. Another idea is for the child to write their name in large letters, and glue beans, seeds, or glitter to the letters. Let all glue dry before attaching the paper to the outside of the can. Add water and fresh flowers or leave dry for dry flowers.

You can also use the can for a trinket container or a place to put pens, pencils, and markers. To make them real summer crafts for kids, glue grass seed heads and found seed pods to the paper in a decorative way.

Jar vases make good summer crafts for kids, too. Canning jars make particularly cute vases, but any cast off mayonnaise, pickle, or other jar, even plastic ones, can work, too. To make a jar into a vase it first needs to be sparkling clean. Kids love getting wet in the summer, so let them roll up their sleeves (or put on a bathing suit!) and have fun splashing at the sink while "washing dishes." When the jar is clean and dry, tie an attractive ribbon around the opening. If desired, decorate the outside of the jar with glued on beads and buttons.

Summer crafts for kids will provide some cute decorations around the home and keep the kids from being bored. This summer, crafts for kids should be at the top of every parent's To Do list!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Returning to the Simple Joys of Home and Hobby

In the past decades, many mothers have made the decision to pursue careers, but that trend seems to be changing. Home and hobby are calling to these women, who are willing to make financial and personal sacrifices in order to be the primary caregivers for their small children. Many women have returned to being keepers at home, and hobby skills can help them meet the financial challenges of being a one income family.

One hobby that helps the mother at home is cooking. Though it could be considered work, cooking and baking are fascinating hobbies. One can explore the cuisine of different countries or learn to create gourmet treats. Baking can yield wholesome whole grain products that nourish the family for a fraction of the cost of loaves bought at the store.

Another home and hobby skill that comes in handy is sewing on a sewing machine. Many homemakers are producing quilts that are works of art. These beautiful offerings can be made inexpensively by recycling unwanted fabrics into squares and other shapes and artistically arranging the pieces. Other sewing skills that are useful for the stay-at-home-mom are mending, altering, and creating clothing. When polled about favorite pastimes, women often rank sewing at the top.

Some moms and their husbands actively work on remodeling their home, and hobby carpentry skills come in handy. One income families hold down the cost of living by learning to "do it yourself," a term that is used so much it has been shortened into "diy." The Internet has made it possible to find information on making all sorts of repairs and renovations to homes, furnishings and other belongings.

Gardening is a hobby that not only gets the participant close to nature, but also can put high quality produce on the family table. Some families are even investing in hobby greenhouses or growing enough extra to sell a bit each week at farmers' markets. A good practical hobby like growing a garden gives a person a sense of accomplishment when they realize their efforts have created something useful and profitable.

The homemaking parent that has a sense of art can inexpensively create harmony and beauty around the house, raising everyone's standard of living. It doesn't have to involve spending any money. Perhaps she can arrange dried wild flowers beautifully or create simple hand-lettered wall mottoes that lift everyone's spirits.

Yes, home and hobby call to the women of today, suggesting a simpler way of life closer to those people and things that matter most. While the career women are truly making an important impact on today's world, the quiet return of many to home and hobby may result in more impact than any of us realizes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cleaning my wool fleece

I will be doing my 3 bags of wool fleece this weekend. I am so psyched to get this out and cleaned and made into roving. I will be taking tons of pictures of course. I will do a step by step as I go. So watch for updates this weekend.

I have a lot of plants in my garden this year. Have my canning jars all ready for canning this fall. Will be building a place to store them. And will be doing a room in the upstairs of our garage for my sewing supplies. My chenille and all will be made into something this fall. I have to get the rooms ready to get set up for supplies, storage and sewing. I love homesteading. :D

Hubby needs prayers. Many for the reading of his mom's will and many on getting the job he really wants.

Wyatt in the train him and Josh built
My garden right after I planted my seeds
The sky during the storm that produced a F0 tornado

My garden
My clothesline

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brandi's Giveaway at Mountain Morning Blog!

This week's giveaway is for Debi Pearl's The Helpmeet's Journey:

If you haven't read the book that this journal was written for, Created To Be His Helpmeet, don't worry. Although I highly recommend it for any Christian wife, it is not entirely necessary to use it with this journal. The journal guides you through a year's worth of personal reflections meant to enrich your marriage and focuses on your G0d-given role as a helpmeet to your husband.

Created To Be His Helpmeet
has been a real blessing in my marriage. I hope that you will enjoy working through the books' companion journal!

Note: The giveaway is for the journal only. You can probably check the book out at your local library or purchase it at here.

To enter the giveaway:

1 entry
for leaving a comment on this post ~ please leave your email!

1 bonus entry
for my followers ~ just tell me in your comment that you are!

1 additional entry
for posting about this giveaway on your blog ~ leave the link in your comment!

Contest ends Saturday, July 25th at Midnight ET

You can read more about this Debi Pearl's books and ministry HERE.

Monday, July 20, 2009

RIP My Dear Great Aunt Florence

These photos were taken at her home out in Black Run. On the bottom of the mountain. I have many memories out there. Friday night's at her house were so memorable. Holidays were tons of people. I wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Aunt Florence was a wonderful cook and very loving person. She was one of 12 children of Daniel and Fanny Erb. The last of the children to pass. I will definetely miss those times. I hope my grandchildren and children will come to my home just like this....

This Weekend~a Birthday party for my bff~just hanging out with the family

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