Friday, July 24, 2009

Cleaning my wool fleece

I will be doing my 3 bags of wool fleece this weekend. I am so psyched to get this out and cleaned and made into roving. I will be taking tons of pictures of course. I will do a step by step as I go. So watch for updates this weekend.

I have a lot of plants in my garden this year. Have my canning jars all ready for canning this fall. Will be building a place to store them. And will be doing a room in the upstairs of our garage for my sewing supplies. My chenille and all will be made into something this fall. I have to get the rooms ready to get set up for supplies, storage and sewing. I love homesteading. :D

Hubby needs prayers. Many for the reading of his mom's will and many on getting the job he really wants.

Wyatt in the train him and Josh built
My garden right after I planted my seeds
The sky during the storm that produced a F0 tornado

My garden
My clothesline

1 comment:

Brian and Jane said...

I happened onto your blog while looking for informaion on prep-ing raw goat hair to be spun into yarn for knitting. Have you ever done goat hair? I'm not sure what type it is. Probably not angora/mohair!! Thank you!!

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