Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some of my creations on Angel Bottom's Boutique

These are many examples of what I can and will make. If you want something that is pictured here, please email me. I will give you a price quote and will need your zip code for a quote on shipping. My website is down right now for maintenance but will be up and running pretty quickly.

Easy Pleasy Pumpkin Cheesy
AIO cloth diaper

Teddy Bear Set-fleece diaper cover, cloth diaper,
microfleece insert, cloth baby wipes/wash clothes, legg warmers
Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Wool Holiday Stockings
Baby Wipe Box

Wool diaper cover/leggings
Wool Diaper Cover/Leggings

Wool Leggings can use with cloth diapers

Baby Leggings

Christmas AIO-All in One cloth diaper
Baby Leggings

Malden Mills AIO cloth diaper
Leggings for babies
Leggings for Babies
Knitted bag
knitted leg warmers
knitted leg warmers
Spinning Wheel

Diaper Cake

Burp Clothes
Cloth Diaper Keychain

Cloth Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Basket of Nursing Necklaces
Green and White Finger Nursing Necklace
Cloth Baby Wipes/Wash Clothes
Rainbow Nursing Necklace


Marci said...

You do a great job JoLynn. I LOVE the pumpkin and snowman diapers. :)

Erica said...

That's awesome that you have so much! I sew my own diapers too, but I'm so slow I can't get enough done to sell! Also I don't knit! Love the longies!

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