Sunday, January 30, 2011

~Count Your Blessings Monday~

I haven't done a blessings Monday in a long time.  And I can tell.  I don't appreciate life as much. 

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and family.  My husband is such a dedicated person.  His job is wonderful but lacks a few things eg. insurance.  He works his butt off and then comes home and does his things and then I let him relax the rest of the night. 

My children are all blessings.  And to add another one to our quiverful household is awesome!  Thank you God for letting me do it one more time :) 

I need to lessen the stressors in my life.  Stress doesn't let the baby get all the nutrients from me.  So will start one by one eliminating these issues.  At first it won't be noticeable but, eventually these stressors will notice. 

This week I am going to start decluttering and lessening the "stuff" I have.  It will make a good snowday plan.  To bake and get rid of.  Starting with the landfill, freecycle, and donation boxes. 

Thank you God for getting me through one more stressful event today without melting down.......

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Big Fat Positive!  And yep that was on a pregnancy test.  I am sooooo excited.  I love new babies and this one is no exception.  Wasn't planned and was planned.  Just had fun trying.  My due date is September 17th 2011.  Almost another August baby.  I go for my first appointment tomorrow.  But that is only to talk to a nurse and get all the good reading material :D  Then Thursday I go to WIC and Friday I see the doctor.  I'm hoping for an ultrasound but it may just be too early.  I will be 4 weeks 6 days then.  Would be nice to see where "jellybean" is living though. 

I tried to take a picture of the pregnancy test but my phone isn't the best for close ups like that.  So I'll wait for the ultrasound pics.  I am sooo excited.  Off to freecycle everything we don't use to make room for "jellybean"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Back to the Idea of Homeschooling

So tomorrow the kids go back after a 12 day vacation.  Boy will I miss them.  They are all growing up so fast.  I was in a discussion on Facebook about missing my the kids and bringing them home for homeschooling.  We tried with Audrey but I don't think either of us had the motivation.   I would love to bring at least Chelsea home and not send Wyatt.  Wyatt and I sat here tonight and watched videos on youtube about Jesus, sight words, holding your pencil and writing our name.  We both enjoyed the quiet time together. 

In PA you don't have to register your children till they are 8 in school.  So technically we have 2 more years.  If I can get myself together and a better schedule we will do this.  I don't see my 13 year old wanting to homeschool.  But then he has been not liking school. 

I'm sure my mom and brother will have a cow over the whole thing but you know....never mind I won't go there on here. 

So Wyatt and I will be starting to dig into homeschooling in the new year.  Woohoo!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and New Way of Life

I get so stuck between going to work outside my home or really getting into making my family goods and making them goods to sell from home.  Been lead to read Proverbs and follow it as to use my home to it's fullest potential.  I am looking into which area to pursue with sewing, knitting, writing, or photography.  I love them all.  So maybe a little of each till I find my true niche.

I want the year ahead to be full of laughter, enjoyment and much needed calmness.  I had so much hatred and sadness in 2010 that I need to start forgiving those who caused it.  I am so grateful for my husband as he has endured all my mood swings from the goings on in our house.  I need to see my mom as a different person.  I don't think I ever had a nice mother/daughter relationship with her.  I always felt closer to her mom and miss her so much.  And yes I was a daddy's girl.  I am grateful for all the wonderful memories he left me with.  I still can't believe he will be gone 5 years in February. 

I really want to use the house to it's fullest potential as that is what an inheritance is supposed to be used for.  I thank my mom and dad for letting my family and I live here and make our memories. 

Here's to a wonderful 2011!
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