Sunday, January 30, 2011

~Count Your Blessings Monday~

I haven't done a blessings Monday in a long time.  And I can tell.  I don't appreciate life as much. 

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and family.  My husband is such a dedicated person.  His job is wonderful but lacks a few things eg. insurance.  He works his butt off and then comes home and does his things and then I let him relax the rest of the night. 

My children are all blessings.  And to add another one to our quiverful household is awesome!  Thank you God for letting me do it one more time :) 

I need to lessen the stressors in my life.  Stress doesn't let the baby get all the nutrients from me.  So will start one by one eliminating these issues.  At first it won't be noticeable but, eventually these stressors will notice. 

This week I am going to start decluttering and lessening the "stuff" I have.  It will make a good snowday plan.  To bake and get rid of.  Starting with the landfill, freecycle, and donation boxes. 

Thank you God for getting me through one more stressful event today without melting down.......

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