Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thinking of my Daddy~

My daddy and I at my wedding (July 20, 1997)

My brother Jimmy, my Grammy Lee and I. We are at my Grammy and Pappy Erb's apartment.

Me on a Saturday night at my Grammy and Pappy Erb's (my mom's parents) c. 1983

Me at my Grammy Lee's (c. 1982)

My daddy, my Grammy Lee, and Me (July 20, 1997) my wedding day

My mom's face, my Grammy Erb, my Grammy Lee, my Pappy Lee's forehead and glasses (c. Dec. 1981)

This is a newspaper pic from when I wrote into the editor about the insurance issues and my dad not having any insurance and being so sick. He passed away one week after this picture was taken :(

My Daddy and I on my 5th birthday (c. August 1979)

My parents (July 20, 1997) at my wedding

My family at my Grammy Lee's (c. 1979)

My parents Valentine's Day. This was my daddy's last supper :*(

The waitress took our picture. This was Valentine's Day 2006. We were given dinner for 4 to a little restaurant in town. The next afternoon my daddy went to heaven....

My daddy waaaayyyyy back when

My Daddy and Chelsea Winter 2000

My daddy holding Jimmy, my cousin Audrey and me (c. 12/77)

I have been thinking alot about my younger years. How much everything has changed. I lost my dad almost 3 years ago now. I miss him more than anyone I have lost in my life. He's the one that taught me everything. I would tell him everything. I still have the moments now I say wow I need to call my dad.

Yes, I live with my mom. My dad is who I was the closest. My mom I don't know when I talk to her it's like yea she hears me but doesn't listen. My brother is closest to her. My children even see that.

I learned to cook from my dad. He took me everywhere with him. I would spend all weekend with him.

Moreso I miss the time period. Friday nights we would go to my great aunts house. Spend time with them and all my cousins. That stopped when my cousin was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 1987 when he was only 15 years old. Saturday nights we went to my grandparents. They were and always will be my favorites. Sundays my dad went to the fleamarket. It was a Sunday ritual up till we lost him. A lot of my memories are of him at the fleamarket buying books and any good bargains he could find. And Sunday nights we went to his mom's house. She would make supper. Mmmmm, I do miss her too.

All the wonderful memories growing up. I would not change them for the world. I hear of awful things that happen to others in their childhoods. I was so blind from all of it. I hear of all sorts of abuse. My parent's stayed married for 32 years till his untimely death. I thank them everyday for that. I learned from just that. My hubby was raised by his grandparents and they were married for a very long time also. So he only knows that. We have a wonderful life because of the way we were brought up.

Thank you God for the life you have given me. Please take care of my loved ones till I get there.

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