Monday, February 5, 2007

My Happenings Today

I started my new job at Country Cupboard last Wednesday. ( Friday the founder Daniel Baylor
( ) passed away Friday :( I never got to meet this wonderful man. Today was his funeral. What a celebration of this wonderful man's life! He done so much in his long life. There was singing, a wonderful eulogy from his daughter Carole and granddaughter Nici. I got such an urge to go after my dreams. His saying was "where there is an idea, the money will flow"

The service was wonderful. I have found my two favorite hymns. On Eagle's Wings and Blessed Assurance. They are so beautiful.

I went to the restaurant for the food and gathering after. I volunteered to help clean up and such. The stories I heard about Dan. Wow! I sure feel bad for never having a chance to meet him :(

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