Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pray for Mei Ling
A friend of mine from Texas, Pat, just became a Grandma on April 27th. Her daughter, Melanie and son-in-law, Casimir are so thrilled with their new baby girl, Mei Ling. Mei Ling has had some problems since she was born. She has 3 small holes in heart that they say will heal up, but it is causing her to breathe so fast that they won't let her nurse or take a bottle because she might aspirate the milk. She is in the NICU of a hospital there in Texas. Pat has asked people if we will post her picture and ask for prayer for them. This is my favorite picture of Mei Ling and the first one I believe I saw. They were trying to give her a bottle to help with her low blood sugar. She does not look to happy about that. Isn't she precious? Please pray for Mei Ling.

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