Sunday, September 23, 2007

My wonderful husband

My wonderful husband got me this clothesline made with pullies. I love it. Will save so much money not running the dryer. I didn't have a clothelines since we lived in Allenwood. And he was such a sweetheart running 40+ miles roundtrip to pick it up.
He drove to the Amish part of Port Trevorton to pick it up. I love just riding around looking at their way of life. I so want to get back to living simply. I am starting. Now just to get the kids into not having to get something every time we go out. Any ideas?
First two pictures are of the clothesline
Second is Chelsea concentrating
Third is the fence row next to our house and in the distance is Josh on his motorcycle
Fourth is the area we use to sit out in the gorgeous summer weather. Which is almost over :(

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