Saturday, June 28, 2008

My wonderful new gift

Hubby's grandma will be 90 on July 9th. She is such a wonderful woman. Still keeps a garden.

Hubby was raised by his grandma. She got him at 4 months old. Skinny as ever in a maggot infested car bed. That was Winter 1966. :( His doctor said he was always the luckiest boy to get her for a "mom" she nursed him back to health. She raised him till he graduated high school. So in reality I should call her my mother in law. His biological mother lives in Florida somewhere :( and never tries to contact us. She has 4 beautiful grandchildren and oh well it's her loss.

But anyhow his grandma came up the other day just to visit. We got talking about my sewing machines and how each of them need fixed one way or another. The next day she calls up hubby and says she would like me to have her sewing machine. It is a early 1900's New Home Ruby Treadle sewing machine. Oh it's gorgeous and still in wonderful working order.

Thank you God for such a wonderful mother in law.

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