Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prayer and advice

My poor hubby.....last night I went to my friends to sew and hang out. Hubby and Josh stayed home. Well he bought a trailer frame from his uncle. So he was welding and such. A few weeks ago he bought a varmit/pellet/.22 gun from an antique store. Well he had a bad bolt so he replaced it. Well last night him and Josh were target shooting. His gun froze up. The gun has a barrel and a pipe that runs down the bottom side of the barrel that you cock. Well it froze up with the cocking pipe down. He went to set it down next to the house to go get his screw drivers. The pipe flung back up around his hand. He didn't think he did anything too bad but when he moved it it hurt. So we went to the er this morning. He broke it :(
Well his job has been talking lay offs. Which means no insurance. I am praying we get to keep the insurance for at least 6-8 more weeks. But with him be injured they might not have to lay him off and I think they have disability insurance at work. So we may be ok till the work picks up again.
I need some ideas on where to sell some stuff at to pay these bills. I have books, fabric, clothing, and some other odds and ends of my parents stuff my mom no longer wants/needs. I really don't want to do ebay but I am thinking it has the biggest audience.

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