Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Audrey Elizabeth

April 6, 1991: 20 days before Audrey was born :D

April 26, 1991 Me, Hubby, and Audrey
7 lbs. 8 oz. 21 inches long 10:30 PM

Daddy and Audrey

Mommy, Totielee and Audrey


Rodney (cousin) just came back from war in Saudi Arabia

Cousin Gordon holding Audrey (Uncle Bob with camera)

Audrey looking into our bedroom

Lady in Red :D

First Halloween

Getting ready to go to Granny Lee's 75th Birthday Party

Audrey and Ethan (cousin) back of my dad's head and Uncle Bill

Audrey's first birthday with my Pappy Lee cuttin the cake (RIP I miss you)

Audrey in the swing (her dad sleeps just like this well not in a swing but under a blanket)
My dad used to sit and play video games and watch tv as she would swing and he would wind her up (I really miss him)

Granny Lee in tan and Great-Grandma Erb in blue at Audrey's first birthday

Audrey's second Christmas

My baby girl has become a very fine young lady. 18 years ago Sunday night (4/26/91) I was 16 years old. I became a very young mother. I was told you are too young. You need to finish school. You'll never make it. My boyfriend stuck with me through it all. This June we will be together for 19 years.

I was due April 22. Went into labor the morning of April 24. Went to the hospital. Wasn't the real thing I was told. So we went home. April 25 my boyfriend bought a 4 wheeler. I walked around the neighborhood. He went and got it and I walked more. That night we went to the hospital not the real thing. They gave me a pill. Telling me if it was the real thing it would get worse if not it will stop the contractions. Well Friday morning it was worse. So off we went. I was dialating so they admitted me. Audrey Elizabeth was born at 10:30 Friday night.

We lived with my parents till I turned 18. I received my GED December of 1991 that would be 6 months before my class graduated. But they wouldn't let me graduate till the next year. Nahh, I wasn't in their class.

Moved downtown above his dad. I went to college and graduated a legal secretary. It took me 7 years to get him to marry me. But we are still together 19 years later :D


Anonymous said...

JoLynn, Aren't these precious memories?? Daughters are just priceless...

Marci said...

A wonderful walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing JoLynn.

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