Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My heart is full of things to be thankful for!  I want to shout to the world a few of my important ones

My mommy is boring!  A blessful boring.....all her bloodwork is perfect, cancer free for 3 years, and is an awesome grandma!

My hubby putting up with me, our house, and all his hours of work at his new job.  I haven't been the easiest to put up with lately and I'm not sure why.  I'm just not happy but I am going to start a new happy way of thinking.  Not look at the whole picture but look at the steps to get there.  Our house was my parents home.  My childhood home.  Sad to say the upkeep wasn't the greatest and we are paying for it now.  I pray everyday to have an easy carefree life here.  His new job was a blessing as the owner called him for the job.  He didn't even have an application or resume in with them.  But he works 12-14 hour days.  I do pray he finds a better job with benefits as him and I don't have health insurance.  Which scares me.....

But I am thankful for our home.  We are rent and mortgage free, I take care of my mom and children and home without paying someone else's mortgage. 

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