Saturday, July 2, 2011

Old Friends

I always wander how many can say they had the best neighborhood growing up.  How many can say they still have friendships with those same people today as adults.  I can say that.  I can say that they are still very close friends.  I thank God for the chance to have such a wonderful childhood.

So many things have gotten me to thinking of my childhood.  All wonderful memories.  Swimming with neighbors, forts in the woods, jumping the ramps :), playing house, and just hanging out.  And I still have contact with all my wonderful childhood friends.

I remember sleepovers, playing in Mindy's mom's fabric room (I'm sure that's what got me addicted to fabric-thank you) Barbies in Tammy's playroom, jumping ramps with Shawn, and swimming in Shawn and Mindy's pool.

I always wished I could have been in the "popular" crowd growing up.  Thinking about it God had other plans for me.  I am friends now (not close friends) but I do chat with the "popular" crowd on Facebook.  I see times in my life where I could have made different choices but I see that I wouldn't be where I am today if I did.

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