Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Weekend and My hubby believing

Friday was dh's birthday (42nd) and the 20th was our 11 anniversary (been together since 6/26/90). We went camping without the kids. :) What a wonderful weekend. Spent alot time talking and catching up without interruption. I miss that. With the kids always wanting/needing something time for "us" is very limited. I love my kiddos more than life but they will grow and move out and if we don't keep connected now there won't be an us then.

We sat by the river for hours just talking. Trying so hard to not talk about stressful situations. That was hard. Had a phone call that made for a stressful time. Not her fault just the whole car thing is bad. But we had a wonderful conversation.

We went to an Roller Mill's. It's an antique store made of 400 vendors. I love going to them. Hubby wanted to go to Halfway Dam to just sit and swing. That was his big thing this weekend. And we did a lot of that. Then went to have supper and a few drinks.

I so wanted him to watch The Secret movie. He was so against that whole thing. (this part is unbelievable) so much negative from him. So we watched it. Of course he fell asleep. Well he woke up at the end complaining about it. I don't believe it blah, blah blah, bunch of hockus pockus blah, blah, blah. So we went to bed. Started to lightning and thunder. So we got up to put the awning down for the wind and rain. I tell him do you remember last year when you went looking for a pool table with Roger. Went to 3 different stores looking at them. Then coming home and visioning the pool table with friends over and all. Month later we got one from Freecycle. He now understands. So he says well I guess if I want nice things I will ask for more money. Today after we had lunch and got everything packed up we went back to the river to sit for one last swing :) A guy was there fishing with his boxer (looks just like our Zoe) We got talking to him about his dog and his motorcycle and where he works so hubby says what do you do? He says I work for Labor Union such and such in Williamsport. And he proceeds to tell hubby how much he makes and different positions make. Between $18 and $30 an hour. And how some times they work 21 days straight at 12 hour days. He made $40,000 in a month. Wow! He tells hubby call and they will more than likely have laborer openings because of all the new contracts they have. Benefits and all! Wow I just cannot believe that happened. He is calling tomorrow.

He is now a firm believer in The Secret: Law of Attraction.

What a wonderful weekend!

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