Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Get Thousands of Links to Your Blog!

This strategy is not about buying links, trading links, or sitting at the computer all day on forums. This is a very cool strategy for getting backlinks to your blog – it is free and takes very little time. Remember, one of the criteria for getting to the top of Google search results is the number of sites linking to your website or blog. So the more sites you have linking to you, the better your chance of appearing on the first page of Google. And that is what we want so that we can get organic traffic.

Try this strategy. It has to do with commenting on other blogs that contain a WordPress widget called “Top Commentators.” Here are the steps:

1) Find a blog with the Top Commentators plug-in with thousands of posts (I have a few examples below).

2) Make 10 or so comments on that blog over a few days time.

3) Repeat the process daily adding new blogs to your list.

Some blogs with the Top Commentators plug-in that you can comment on:


I found this tip in the eBook Blogging to the Bank – a comprehensive 58 page eBook that explains how to monetize your blog the smart way. It has some really creative strategies for traffic building and monetizing your blog. Skip McGrath recommends this eBook on his blog and I have to agree, it is very good.

Keep your eye out for the Top Commentators plug-in as you make your way around the blogosphere, and add any that you know of in the comments section below.

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