Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tell the Truth Thursday~Older People

Do you feel that advice from older people carries a special weight because of their greater experience?

I live on the wise advice of the older generations. I have lost all of my grandparents and still go back in my mind for the conversations we have had.

My mother in law passed away last June. My hubby was raised by his grandparents. His mom lived to be 90 years 11 months. She went to be with her Lord June 9, 2009. I loved sitting with her talking about her children, cooking, her sisters, the senior citizen center......yea sometimes she would tell stories more than once. That was fine....I would give anything for another day with her.

Her dad built 2 hutches for her when she was married. I prayed I would get them when she passed but alas I didn't. They were built with love for her and Petey.....but I have my memories and no one can take them from me.

My grammy's were awesome! My dad's mom was the cook. I do have some of her recipes but a lot of them she took with her. I so wish I would have paid more attention and been in the kitchen with her.

My mom's mom and I could sit down and talk about anything. I always told her I felt her more of a mom than mine. Now though I see my mom is like her. With losing my dad almost 4 years ago it changes a lot of things.

I will take what I learned from all them with me through life and teach my children those lessons.

Tell The Truth Thursday

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