Monday, April 7, 2008

Count Your Blessings Monday

As I sit here listening to my oldest daughter typing away at her schoolwork I am thankful for being able to have her home to help take care of the baby (well not much of a baby anymore 3yo) and my mom during this trying time. I am thankful for my mom and her still being here with us. She has had so many times she could have gone onto heaven and she has pulled through them all. Huge infection from cellulitis in November, horrible pnuemonia in December, cancer surgery the end of January and now renal failure this past week. She could have gone at any of those times.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband who does more for me than anyone. And alot he doesn't even know he does. Mostly just being here for me through all this with my mom and when my dad got sick and went onto heaven. I love him so much.

1 comment:

Marci said...

These are all very special blessings. Thanks for sharing them and taking part.


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