Saturday, April 12, 2008

Praise the Lord

Heard a rumor that our house in Milton was sold. Hubby's grandma (mom) lives down the street so she takes a trip passed the house to see what she can see. So after hubby picked me up from work today we took a trip and lo and behold the house is sold. Thank God! Praise the Lord! I am so relieved. I'll miss it but we are living here and all is good.

Other goings on my mom goes in Friday to have her kidney stone removed. I can't wait for this all to be behind us. She started her Gleevec this past week. Novartis is paying the part medicare isn't paying. Thank you God! She fell right in the doughnut hole with that $3200 medicine. But the drug company is covering it all. Thank you Novartis! Thank you God!

I am looking into a way to be able to stay home. I want to raise Angora rabbits. I would love goats but with only an acre and nosey neighbors it's hard. And I am looking into windmills to generate our power. The power company will buy what you have leftover. And living on this hill we get lots of wind :) Any ideas on where to start researching that?

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