Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. Had a few unhappy kids but that was mostly from being lunchtime or tired. Saturday we hubby took a load of stuff to the dump (cleaning out the garage and sheds) went to his Grandma's (mom to him she raised him) picked up his David Bradley and a rottitiller body. We are looking for a motor for it. He came home used the Bradley and plowed up the garden. :) He took the trailer to his sister's house and got a load of wood for this winter. We are almost stocked up for this winter.

Mother's Day was special. Josh made me a pin that says I love Mom. Chelsea planted a flower at school earlier this year. I got that. She went with her friend to the markets and they got me a flower and necklace. Audrey got me a hanging flower. Hubby got me chocolate mint plant, peppermint plant and horseradish plant. Yummy....I can't wait to be able to plant. Really hope to find a motor for that rottitiller.

My mom and I got each other a bag of candy. :) And we ate it together chatting away. Don't ever take your mom's for granted.

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