Sunday, May 18, 2008

So much Rain

The rain is still pouring. It has been pretty much constantly for weeks. We have the garden pretty much ready but now it has rained for almost 3 days straight so we can't get into plant. :( I bought many plants and seeds for the garden. We wanted to plant today but alas more rain. Now the sun has come out so hopefully by Wednesday we can get into the garden without sinking.

My brother's fiance's daughter had prom last night. Oh what beautiful ladies. It is sad though they don't do tux's. When I went to the prom all the guys wore tux's. How sad the standard is going down. The one guy that was there looked like he pulled his shirt and pants off his bedroom floor. Stained dingy white button downed shirt with a tie and black wrinkly pants. I felt so sad. Your prom is a once in a lifetime experience :(
This picture is my brother and I while we were taking pictures of the prom goers.

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