Thursday, September 11, 2008

Angel Bottom Musings: The Lost Art of Aprons and Canning

Whatever happened to the era of canning food and wearing aprons? I would have loved to live in that era. I have inherited from my wonderful mother in law her collection of canning jars. I am going to bring that era back in my home. My children are so excited to have the collection and to have a pantry full of yummy food.

That and what happened to the home full of children. Now it's can't afford it. I want to have lived 50 years ago and have my home just like that. Lots of children, grow our own food, the wife takes care of the home, doesn't have regrets of staying home, etcetera.

I know I can do all this myself but I have guilt and hubby doesn't want anymore children. I cry and get so angry at him for this. Then I feel guilty for it. I feel guilty for staying home and the kids not having all the stuff others have.

Not sure what this post was all about but I feel better (a little) after writing it out.

1 comment:

Marci said...

JoLynn, I am wearing an apron and canning tomatoes today. Most people in my area still do this. There are lots of Amish, Mennonites and other plain people.

As far as wanting more children, take it from me (you know my story on this)... Give those desires to God. Be content where you are. Work on being the best child of God you can be and leave the rest in His hands. There is peace and joy there. Read Psalm 131 and crawl up into God's lap like that weaned child and rest. He is taking care of the details.

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