Sunday, January 28, 2007

It seems like we are finally getting somewhere....

What a day! Starting on the house right after church and ended at about 8pm. What a day. Let's see Josh and Wyatt's room is all drywalled and mudded. Now sanding that tomorrow. Chelsea's room is done all we need to do in there is paint and carpet. I completed the diningroom all it needs in there is paint and to lay the laminate floor. I did the kitchen today. We need to touch up some screw holes in there and then primer it then it will be ready for primer. The livingroom only needs paint and carpet. My mom's "apartment" needs primer after we get the screw holes touched up. And then paint and carpet. Her bedroom needs primer, paint and carpet. Her bathroom needs some plumbing work and primer and paint. My side of the house in the hallway needs paint and carpet. Our bathroom needs some drywall work then primer and paint. And a closet built for the linens.
We are looking for a water softener. The house is on a well. That water is hard. Wow! I am so used to city water.
Audrey was up today. She worked more in her room. She is down to putting primer on her ceiling and we can paint and put her laminate floor down.
I start working at Country Cupboard Wednesday. It will slow down our progress up there but we really need the money. And with my mom watching the baby it's not that hard for me to go to work :(

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