Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain Morning Homeschool: Quilt Book Giveaway

The quilt I made my now 17 year old daughter before she was born.

The quilt made by my great grandma. I want to fix the middle. It has some holes I would like to use my children's clothing fabric to fix. Any ideas on an easy way to fix the holes?

Brandi has the most awesome giveaways! I even went out and bought The Apron Books just because she inspired me with her giveaway. What a wonderful book.

I have a favorite quilt that I want to revamp. It was made by my great grandmother. It was my grammy's favorite (made by her mother in law) It's been loved so much it has a few holes and I want to add squares from my children's clothing. To make it a true heirloom.


Mountain Morning said...

Thanks for your entry, Jo Lynn! I would love to see your quilt...let me know if you post a pic! Good luck in drawing!

Have a blessed day!


P.S. So glad you like my giveaways...isn't The Apron Book awesome?!

Mountain Morning said...

Thanks for adding your quilts...they are both beautiful! What a treasure it is to have one made by your great-grandmother!



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