Monday, November 10, 2008

Count Your Blessings Monday

I am so grateful for my husband. I see all these different situations in marriages and my hubby is no where close to any of it(he could use a few prayers to help him quit smoking). He is such a wonderful man. A wonderful father, a wonderful mate and such a good person. Thank you God

My mom is doing wonderful. She is such a wonderful mom for letting us move in here. She could have sold the house and went on to buy a smaller one for herself and we would have had to make it go in the trailer in Milton. Thank you so much mom.

My children are wonderful. They love being frugal. It is so hard in these times and they love free clothing (thank you Candy~not sure if you have any clothes at your moms or not you'll have to let me know I am looking for pants for Wyatt) and they will do a shopping spree at the thrift store :) They are so wonderful.

Thank you for being able to help out others by offering them a place to stay till they get back on their feet. It is hard sometimes. But I am grateful to have Tina here. Just need to figure out the Josh and "big" Chelsea thing so we can all get along till you can get back on your feet. Thank you for being you Tina :)

My new tradition is going to a friends house and sitting around and talking while the kids have a blast. Thank you guys for starting this wonderful tradition! I love you all!

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