Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leftover Cranberry Sauce? Here's What You Can Do with It By Jody Morse

Cranberry sauce is probably one of the most delicious foods at the Thanksgiving table, but it is also the one that everyone seems to forget on their plate. This often results in a good amount of cranberry sauce - too much to let go to waste, at least. Here are some of the many things that you can do with your leftover cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving.

Eat Cranberry Sauce On Your Ice Cream

Although the idea of cranberry sauce over ice cream may sound a bit unusual to you, it is very delicious. All that you need to do is spoon the cranberry sauce on top of any flavor of ice cream. It does seem to taste the best on top of vanilla ice cream, mainly because you get to taste the flavor of the cranberry sauce, but it mainly depends on your own personal preferences. Besides, it's an excuse to eat ice cream!

Add Cranberry Sauce to Your Favorite Dessert

There is a good chance that cranberry sauce may taste quite good on top of your favorite dessert. Whether it is some form of pie, angel food cake or cheese cake, it is worth trying. Some people even choose to add the cranberry sauce into the recipe. For example, if you are making a strawberry pie, just follow your regular recipe and then add the cranberry sauce to your ingredients.

Consider Adding Cranberry Sauce to Your Meat

Depending on your own preferences, this may not be the best choice for you. However, many people enjoy adding cranberry sauce to their meat. They find that cranberry sauce tends to taste good on top of chicken breasts, salmon filets (or some other types of fish) or pork chops. You would just add it the same way that you would add a sauce.

Bake Your Leftover Cranberry Sauce into Muffins

There are a variety of types of muffins that may already include cranberries, so why not add some cranberry sauce to the recipe? Some people really enjoy this one. Whether you make cranberry almond or cranberry orange muffins, it is likely that anyone who loves cranberries or cranberry sauce will be sure to enjoy them - especially if you also add or remember to include cranberries in the recipe.

As you can see, there are many things that can be done with leftover cranberry sauce. If you have leftover cranberry sauce that you do not know what to do with, you may want to consider one of these different options. If you do not personally enjoy cranberry sauce, why not give it to someone who does and let them know about some of the things that they can do with leftover cranberry sauce? Cranberry sauce is too good to go to waste!

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