Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Our World

My garden is doing wonderful! Not wanting the summer to end. A million tomato plants. All tomatoes are green so far. Will have a ton when they all ripen. I have 6 zucchini plants. I see lots of little zuch's so will have a ton probably by the end of the week. I have about 20 loofah gourd plants planted and growing tall. I hope I can get some sponges for holiday gifts. How exciting. :D
We harvested our potatoes. We made out better with the red potatoes (make note next year red potatoes) We have a few watermelons and cantaloupes growing. I hope to have more before the cold nights. My corn is few and far between. Have enough probably for one meal.

The kiddos are all in bed. Tomorrow is the first day of school. :( I will definitely miss them. I so want to homeschool. I feel they would learn so much more here than in public school but with finances we are both looking for work and praying for more orders from my business. Josh starts the middle school. I can't believe he is a middle schooler. It was just yesterday my water broke. Chelsea will be in the third grade. She is so excited she can play on the big playground this year :D Wyatt and I will be doing preschool here at home. I want to help him with his speech and letter/number recognition to start with. Daddy wants to make him wooden letters with his wood tools. They all are growing up too fast.

My mom is cancer free for 18 months. Praise the Lord! No meds since April. Life is calming down in that area. She will only go every 3 months to her family doctor and every 6 months to the cancer doctor with scans. With only one kidney she is limited to the dye in the cat scans.

I will be 35 tomorrow. Wow I remember wanting to be 16 then 18 then 21 now I'll be 35 wow! Hubby and I will probably go for lunch and walk around the Street of Shops for a bit. Then home to do more housework. I am so into this decluttering. I have gotten rid of 12 bags of clothing, 3 trailer loads of trash and freecycled lots of knick knacks and stuff.

Well off to bed! Have to get up early to get the kids off to school :(

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