Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Sunday Morning Musings

Many thoughts are going through my mind this morning. My wonderful hubby is having much turmoil in his life. He lost his loving mother, the only woman he knew of as mom for 43 years. She was a blessing. If it wasn't for her, I would have never met him. I miss her so much. Now the Will has been read. She didn't leave him anything. Unless his Aunt and Uncle would have been dead would he have gotten anything. He is very unhappy. It effects him everyday. None of them are offering him anything from her home. Not even to buy. It's hard to see his heart breaking like this.

My garden is growing very well. Just sad that I couldn't get it out earlier with the frost and rain early on this year. Still many zucchini coming on. I have 3 watermelon and 4 cantaloupe. Kids keep watching them waiting for the wonderful outcome :D

School started last Monday. Kids love their new teachers. Josh is happy to have his friends back from his old school. That is nice we are still in the same school district so all the elementary schools come together at the middle school. So he knows kids from 2 of the schools. Chelsea had an accident in gym class Friday. Ran into another little girls head. We watched her Friday night and Saturday all day. Seems better today.

I have started preschool with Wyatt. He loves to learn his letters. Now he is bringing things up to me to show me all the letters he can make out of different objects.

We are doing a craft table at the Oktoberfest in Port Trevorton. I can't wait. Gonna start sewing this week more. No appointments or anything scheduled. Will post those photos as I get stuff made.

Watch for a contest by the end of this week. I am getting together a list of goodies to enter to win! Watch out for details throughout the week!

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